Collaboration is beautiful.

I absolutely love working together with people and mixing their ideas with my own.  The end product is something wonderful and creative that is both unique and different from what each party brought to the table in the beginning. 

My most recent collaboration is with Felinious Hops creating designs for apparel and glassware.  The company is a glorious fusion of all things cats and beer-related.  For canine owners, there's new dog-centric designs coming along soon!  

To order your very own Felinious Hops merch, click here.

llustrations from Awesome Like a Possum: A Fairy-Tale Whale, and a Mobster Lobster.

One of my other favorite collaborations was with The Electric Keychain Collective, where myself and six other artists joined together with Matter Deep Publishing to create a children's book .

Purchase your copy today here.